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Let’s Go is a 7 level series for children learning English as a foreign language, written with co-authors Ritsuko Nakata and Karen Frazier. Now in its fourth edition, Let’s Go combines controlled grammar and vocabulary development, steady progress and continuous language recycling,  fun and meaningful communicative activities and games, and adds memorable chants and songs from the incomparable Carolyn Graham. The result is a series that has been used by more than 6 million children in 162 countries since the debut of the first edition. The syllabus is correlated to both State Core Standards (USA) and  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

For more information about Let’s Go, please visit the OUP Let’s Go product page. While there, you can sign up for the free Teacher’s Club, which will give you access to downloads, sample units, reproducible activity pages, and online games.

You can also visit my Amazon author page.

Let's Go 4th edition

The fourth edition includes a student audio CD in each student book, which includes all of the conversations, vocabulary, songs, chants, and phonics so students can listen at home. It also includes optional access to online practice with the workbook and teacher’s book. There is also a CD ROM version for each text for use with interative whiteboards or digital projectors which includes all the student book and workbook pages, audio files, Teacher Cards, games and activities, and tools to customize the lessons.

Let's Go Third Edition

The third edition includes a CD ROM in each student book with 4 computer games for each unit. There are also graded reader bundles for each level that include 8 readers and an audio CD.

Let's Go 2e readers

 Let’s Go Readers 1-6 feature fun-to-read stories based on the characters in the Let’s Go second edition series. There are two stories in each book. Comprehension exercises after each story help students develop reading and critical thinking skills. The materials follow the syllabus of the series, and can also be used independently. Thee  Readers are supported by an audio cassette and a teacher’s book with teaching tips to support literacy development and reproducible activities for each story. Unfortunately, the books are no longer listed in the OUP catalog, but are available at Amazon.com.

Kate’s Grandma / Rusty’s Cookies (Reader 1)
ISBN-10: 0194364461 | ISBN-13: 978-0194364461
Birthday Magic / Baseball Fans (Reader 2)
ISBN-10: 0194364569 | ISBN-13: 978-0194364560
The Costume Contest / Carnival Luck (Reader 3)
ISBN-10: 0194364666 | ISBN-13: 978-0194364669
The Rosewood Derby / The Shortcut (Reader 4)
ISBN-10: 0194364763 | ISBN-13: 978-0194364768
The Treasure Hunt / The Pet Sitters (Reader 5)
ISBN-10: 0194364860 | ISBN-13: 978-0194364867
Homestay Friends / Kid Power (Reader 6)
ISBN-10: 0194364968  |  ISBN-13: 978-0194364966


Online Courses

English for Teachers is a content-based course for teachers who want to improve their English skills while listening, speaking, reading and writing about teaching. Written with Chuck Sandy and Kate Cory-Wright, with input from 20 leading teachers working around the world and published by International Teacher Development Institute (iTDi.pro).


Selected Articles

Getting Students to Speak English, The English Connection, July 1997, Volume 1 Issue 2, pp. 7-8

Teaching Smarter So Students Learn More, The English Connection, Autumn 2011, Volume 15 Issue 3, pp. 6-8

The Difference a Network Makes, Teachers Learning With Children, Volume 14 Number 4, pp. 2-4

The Teacher’s File for the 21st Century, Teachers Learning With ChildrenVolume 14 Number 3, pp. 2-4

This article reintroduced a column that I had written for TLC from 1997-2001. Some of the early Teacher’s File columns have been uploaded if you’re browsing through the newsletter archive.

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